Monday, September 7, 2009

Incense Cedar tree seeds

The seeds of the Incense cedar (Calocedrus decurrens) are released from a pod shaped cone that opens up like the mouth of a crocodile except that the crocodile probably does not have as much of a tongue as does the opened cone of the Calocedrus decurrens tree.
The mouth-like flaps of the cone open wide on each side to reveal four winged seeds inside that are released and dispersed by the wind. The image below shows both the seed cone as well as the male pollen cones (small light green on the tips of the scale like leaves). This image also illustrates well the branch and leaf form of the Incense cedar tree.

Below is an image of the cone before it opens which was taken about two months prior to the images above.


  1. These seeds have filled up my yard and left oil stains on my flagstone patio and iron wood deck. It is a gigantic old tree and this is only the second year we have noticed this abundance of seeds. How can I clean the oil from the stone and is this oil toxic coming off of shoes into the house?

  2. Incense cedar seeds are brown and yawning in December so the branches make beautiful and fragrant holiday wreaths.

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